Sunday, January 19, 2014

Death Spiral ? Is this the 'Black Hole for the Affordable Care Act

A better title for this may be "Failure to Launch"

Our congress has launched a multi-stage rocket. Whether it will obtain a free standing orbit is open to question.
Stage I success is very much in doubt. The velocity may be inadequate to launch stage II and even if Stage II lights off the orbital insertion velocity will be insufficient to obtain an orbit.

The lack of success in the enrollment process due to the failures of and other related items in enrollment of young people may be a fatal even in financing the entire initiative for the Affordable Care Act.

This enrollment was meant to offset the expanded coverage for older patients, and increased enrollment of previously uninsured due to income limitations, and patients with pre-existing conditions.

Those in the know are already talking about a 'bailout' for insurers amounting to billions of dollars.  Again, 'it's too big to fail".

Nancy Pelosi was correct, "We won't know what is in it until it is passed"  This is a hell of a way to run 1/6th of our economy.

Prominenrt voices are being raised in the credible media about these real risks. Even dome Democrats have lowered their flag, although there remain some demagoguery and social engineers who are attempting to hi-jack our freedoms and bankrupt our already insolvent government.

Let's face it, our government lies, not only about health care, and politics, but national security issues.

Keep and open mind, but verify what we are being told by our government.

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