Tuesday, June 16, 2015

David’s Health Tech Newsletter: No. 62 – “Companies Disrupting Healthcare In 2015” via reddit.com

David’s Health Tech Newsletter: No. 62 – “Companies Disrupting Healthcare In 2015” via reddit.com

The 21st Century has shown rapid development of health IT, health reform, and big data analytics. This is only the beginning of disruptive technology.  I prefer to call it "Catalytic Innovation". Catalytic innovatin more accurately describes what is happening.  Yes, the inbred system of health care is  being forced to change for economic reasons and in the effort to improve health outcomes. Initially it is disruptive, and that has been a main reason for some providers to hesitate. Coercion by the HHS and CMS are playing an unwanted role in an otherwise professional area.  I see no indication of a slowing of the process

Of those listed, see how many you recognise. Bonus points for anyone who gets more than 7.

News, Blogs & Comment

Teenagers Seek Health Information Online, but Don’t Always Trust It – Four out of five teenagers turn to the Internet for health information, but they don’t always put much stock in what they find, according to a national survey released on Tuesday.
NY Times
Just manufacturing pills ‘no longer good enough for patients – Pharma must truly move beyond the pill and embrace digital health, according to industry heads.
Health IT could curb prescription drug abuse, but adoption lags – Legal uncertainties and challenges with interoperability and usability have kept many healthcare providers from embracing systems for electronic prescribing of controlled substances.
Hackers Can Tap Into Hospital Drug Pumps To Serve Lethal Doses To Patients – The LifecarePSA is a drug infusion machine for hospital patients, designed to correctly administer the right dosage of medicine straight into the arm of a person in need. When it works as it should, mechanical precision thwarts human error and eases care.

Companies & Products

Amazon, Google race to get your DNA into the cloud – Amazon.com Inc is in a race against Google Inc to store data on human DNA, seeking both bragging rights in helping scientists make new medical discoveries and market share in a business that may be worth $1 billion a year by 2018.
These tiny plastic chips can deliver therapeutic genes into cells – The next generation of lab-on-a-chip devices could bring down the cost of gene therapy.
Science Alert
The Companies Disrupting Healthcare In 2015 – Healthcare is the worlds largest industry today – it is three times larger than the banking sector. After lagging behind for almost five decades, this industry is revitalizing and transforming itself faster than any other vertical.

Presentations, Research & Video

The IoT is helping cut US healthcare costs by the billions – Internet-connected devices and software saved the US healthcare system $6 billion last year, and will save the industry a further $100 billion from now through 2018, according to new research from Accenture.
Business Insider
DNA carries traces of past events meaning poor lifestyle can affect future generations – Scientists now know that our DNA is being altered all the time by environment, lifestyle and traumatic events.
The Telegraph
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