Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When Sharing may not be Caring

It's basic, my dear Sherlock Holmes would inform his sidekick whose name was  Wastson (not the cyber-edition from IBM.

As written by Tina Reed Johnson

When Sharing is *Not* Caring on Social Media!
You might think that photographers appreciate it when you share their images online.  Believe it or not, this isn’t always the case!  There are oftentimes conditions on image use, and you can get into trouble if you are not paying attention.  If you are using someone else’s image to spice up your post, you might want to think about it first.
But it’s so quick and easy to share social media images, and if it’s online it’s okay to use it right?  And especially if the photographer name is already on a photo then there shouldn’t be a problem.  Hold on there a minute!  
And it's safe to use your own images?  Right ?

It’s important to follow image use guidelines to avoid violating a copyright, and causing problems for yourself and your business. It can be expensive to pay for your mistakes. You may have to hire an attorney, repair damage to your online reputation, in addition to compensating an artist or photographer for image (mis)use.
The Basics on sharing images, art and more on Social Media

Just as in health care privacy and sharing are intertwined. HIPAA establishes strong guidelines (boundaries) and so to do copyright law.......

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