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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dr. House on #Twitter

Dr. House on Twitter: Interview on Babel Guide

We resource and reference many internet sites for our blog articles, here and on Digital Health Space.

Science roll and Bertalan Berci Mesko are one of my favorite links for information about social media 
in medicicne and his vision for the future of medicine.  

Dr. Mesko ix the #hcsm guru for Central Europe.  

Recently he presented at the Salzberg Global Seminar. I have provided the podcast link

Berci has been in the 'game' of social media since he was in elementary school. 
It comes naturally to him and others of his generation as a Sony Walkman came to mine.  
HealthCare came to him when he became a physician.  His other DNA is 'GEEK'.

While others of my generation have to add #hcsm to our medical careers, it can and is 
being done by many.

Physcians use social media for education, training, marketing, and opinioinating.  The
 number of social media sites expands mo nthly, some catching on and growing
 (Google +, Facebook + Linkedin or Twitter.   Medical social media sites include Sermo, 
Doximity, and others that came and went.

I identify with him, and since retiring from clinical practice I am immersed in all things 
#social media, not just medical.

My blog focuses on current events stemming from health information technology,
 health policy and reform, CMS mandates and the outlook for the new acronyms in health care
(ACO, ACA, PQRS, ICD 10, SGR)  You can usually find me  "bloviating' about 
endless questions with no solutions.

Health care consultants,  hospital administrators often like to 'pontificate' and offer their point
of view for our future of medicine.  It is much lile playing 'roulette'.  You place your ball in the 
slot, then spin.  So too is our spin here and elsewhere.

Our goal is to let our patients know that almost all of our gripes have to do with providing 
their care unencumbered by financial realities and rules cast upon us by ignorant politicians and 
administrators from HHS and CMS.

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