Friday, January 24, 2014

ObamaCare is the Central Battle over the future Direction of our Country.

Richard Reece MD who blogs at Medinnovation has some profound quotes from Thornton Wilder. From it derives the title of this article. Thorton Wilder,  a quintessential American writer, the author of The Bridge of Saint Luis Rey, Our Town, The Skin of Our Teeth,  and the inspiration of Hello Dolly !.  

Some of you will disagree with our view of the Affordable Care Act.

Wilder was a true patriot – a believer that America had created the most dynamic,  creative,  individualistic, and freedom-loving nation on earth.   

ObamaCare is the central battle over the future direction of our country. It cannot stand. It is a looming disaster for patients- especially seniors- for our economy and for the future of health care in America. It will lead to rationing and government control over health are decisions. The quality of care will decline. Medical progress will slow. And the resulting third-rate health care system will likey bankrupt our country.  The federal government is already racing toward a budgetary train wreck, and ObamaCare will only speed us down the tracks.”

Fortunately ObamaCare as it now is written will self-destruct and in the next five years the American Culture will de-construct it.

      Paul Rosenberg in  in a blog post entitled “Why ObamaCare Will Not Conquer American Culture,” November 1, 2013, in which he says,”Americans expect to choose whenever they want.. Americans expect choices; it is built for individual changes, not collective changes.  This is the DNA of the culture, and no matter what political controlling th liberal ruleship, the culture will simply not fall.

Grace-Marie Turner, James Capretta, Thomas Miller, and Robert Moffitt,  Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America: How the New Health Care Law Drives up Costs, Puts Government in Charge of Your Decisions, and Threatens Your Constitutional Rights (Broadside, a Harper Collins Imprint, 2011) who say, “The passage of ObamaCare was deeply polarizing. Never before had Congress passed - and the president signed into law – such sweeping legislation that was so strongly opposed by so many Americans."  


Physicians in particular with our ethic of privacy and one on one relationships with our patients will not be misled by this plan which does not justify the means toward an end. We all are adamant about an equitable health care for all.  But this is not the way.

Take heart my colleagues.....the deconstruction will take place by the very people who put it together.....or they will be gone......voted out of office.

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