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Friday, July 9, 2010

Re-distribute the Wealth


Don Berwick's commandered appointment to be head of CMS seems to have only caused a flicker of congressional shock.

Some of this may have been their own reticence to start the confirmation process, because Max Baucus had not yet scheuled the hearings.  Perhaps the Republican leadership should learn that political stalling and meandering only lead to surreptitious acts. The Republicans are not alone in this form of political extortion and deal making.

Berwicks' candid and open opinion that health care  reform should 'redistribute wealth, and that is one of it's primary missions".  (See The Video, below)

That statement  is one that neither I nor most doctors have ever heard from a highly appointed M.D.  I can accept that health reform should 'transform, and perhaps open access to those who are not yet covered. "   If this is a true 'redistribution of health care, or wealth, then someone else will get less access or treatment.

Redistribution of wealth or health care is a euphemism for 'rationing'.....'with your eyes open'. 

Essentially Don Berwick has become the 'lap-dog' for the socialist agenda of Barak Obama.  Dr. Berwick has been a respected member and head of many organizations that are held in high esteem by the government for advice.  [the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)[1], a not-for-profit organization]He has been awarded many  titles, and is a professor of pediatrics.

Obama's actions in health care is juxtaposed to his bail our of financial markets and the automotive industry.  In those cases the wealth was 'redistributed' toward the already wealthy barons of finance and industry.

Never before has the head of CMS (who is basically supposed to be an administrator, and not a policy maker), a function which should be left to the congress acted in such a manner.

The combination of the Affordable Patient Care Act and it's mandates for the Head of HHS to do certain things and the appointment of Don Berwick to CMS  are a double pronged attack on the freedom of patients and physicians to make choices. Make no mistake about it we all have lost much.


Hopefully when and if confirmation hearings do occur when the Congress resumes they will oppose the nomination.  Hopefully public opinion and backlash from those in the trenches will keep this issue in the headlines.  I doubt it....the attention span of the media today is about 24 hours.

A sad day for the American Dream

Richard Reece MD in his Blog Medinnovation asks;

"How should physicians respond??"


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