Monday, February 10, 2014

Affordable Care Act.......The Missing Link....It is not Australopithecus

Houston, we  have a problem  "Failure to Launch"

Despite a goal of access to health care for all, however the hinge on the door for acccess is squeaking. News such as this are appearing in medical news.

Millions Trapped in Health-Law Coverage Gap
Wall Street Journal - February 9, 2014
They quit their jobs, thanks to health-care law
Washington Post - February 9, 2014

Enrolling in Covered California is not for the weak of heart, or spirit.  For those who were previously uninsured for a variety of reasons the affordable care act raise spirits with the elimination of the fear of not being able to pay for health care. The current system was not sustainable financially, however health care is available taking away the financial morass of insurance companies, bureaucracy and government.  Neither government, nor insurance companies provide health care. Physiciains, nurses, hospitals and many other providers care for patients.

A consequence of the change will be the marked reduction in 'free care'. The old model of those fortunate enough to pay for their own care, and providers and hospitals having deep pockets to finance care for the less priveleged of our society.

In order to assure health care and security for all the down side is forfeiting freedom. The tyranny of absolute security is freedom. Some of  us understand the concept and the reason for opposition to the affordable care act.  Others see it as an opportunity   for free health care.   Those whol will receive this generosity are often not only uninsured, but also un-empowered, and have little impact, are passive and do not have resources, nor influence to make changes.

The U.S. Constitution (    )  guarrantees the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That statement places us in a conundrum.  Does that mean care to avoid illness, or treatment to keep one alive?

This is not some ephemeral abstract thought embodied in our founding document. Other constitutional guarrantees in the past have been manipulated to make change

The Affordable Care Act in Californa is known as  'Covered California'.  Patients who sign up are screened for eligibilty based on income and household size. Those who's income is greater than........are required to purchase a subsidized health insurance policy or face a fine.  Some of these policies look nice, offered by stable companies, such as Blue Shield, Healthnet, Anthem and their providers are listed under providers for Covered California.  However with a more in depth search you will find they did not receive contracts and are not providers.  (small details).....this will reduce access to providers (and some hospitals). None of this has been adequatly explained 

Some who look forward to using Covered California should call their chosen provider and ask if they are a provider for Covered California.   Many of them are not, and some may not even know if they are signed up for it.

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