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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Health Train Express is Social Media, is Your Blog?


I spoke to soon. Health Train Express will be around for a long time.

The responses to my announcement surprised me. I had many more readers than I had realized.  I guess analytics don’t always work, or I used the wrong ones.

After the announcement I quickly realized that blogs will never be dead. They amount to the  21st century ‘Journal’ for daily thoughts (used to be called a diary).  Perhaps I should rename it  e-Diary

While I enjoy using Google Plus, Twiiter, Facebook, to gesticulate, propose, analyze or ridicule.

Health Train will remain an important piece in my social media project.

I admit it, I failed I could not give up my platform.  There are  too many issues to  write about and a blog is the best for me. 

Physicians must not allow their patient to remain passive and just accept what Government decides to offer them in health. 

Physicians empower your patients. Patients empower your physicians.

What changed my attitude?   Of course, it is Regina Holladay


Here is a larger version of The Walking Gallery…deserves a better view.


There you have it.  Regina Holladay has been at this for several year . All of the stories are a visual treat and a testimony to patients.  Regina expresses her pain and frustration let hospital systems while her husband suffered with cancer.  Something we all know about and share our concerns with her.  Thank you Regina Holladay


MedStarter is an outgrowth of a social network innovation, KickStarter. Kickstarter is another social media approach to funding startups that require small amounts of capital as an investment through donations for worthwhile ideas.


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Regina Holliday said...

Thank you Gary. I am massively honored!