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Friday, August 3, 2012

End of An Era


As I have read somewhere, ‘Nothing lasts forever’.

And so too are the lights going off here at Health Train Express.

It has been an eight year run with close to 1000 posts.

This will be the last Health Train Express blogpost.  A big thank you to ‘Blogger’ as well, now owned by Google.

In keeping with the trend Digital Health Space will assume the role of The Health Train Express

Health Care is undergoing some radical and important changes, and deservedly so in the 21st Century,  Now that we have survived Y2K (I think that is a pretty safe bet) I have evaluated the blog and what is happening in social media as well.

During the past six months our analytics reveal that my opinions and comments receive a much more global audience using social media, and further analysis also revealed that Google Plus will become my exclusive platform for the forseeable future. Of course nothing on the internet can be set in stone. Social media in medicine and health care has become well established. While Twitter and Facebook offer platforms, the unity of Google, Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus and Video Conferencing will allow me to video broadcast and interview important social media personalities using an integrated platform.

See you on the ‘other side’.

Gary Levin MD

This will allow the use of a central publishing source and eliminate much repetitive work.

Look for my comments, opinions, and diatribes on Google Plus at  +Digital Health Space.  Better yet put +Digital Health Space in one of your favorite circles.


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