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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Health Train at the Olympics 2012


Most of us have been watching the Olympics from London. It’s amazing  how records keep being broken.  Is it about more information about physiology, nutrition, and hopefully not  ‘doping’.  The medal winners seem to be getting younger and younger. ..why is that ?

As you may  be sitting on your couch or favorite chair some of you my increase your heart rate by that bag of popcorn, chips, cookies and milk, or that fast food brought home on the way from home.

Since studies have shown that 55% of us hold a smartphone in one hand while surfing the TV channels you want to look at all the new health mobile apps for exercise, and monitoring the state of your health and wellness.

Health Care IT: 2012 Olympics Shines Spotlight on Mobile Health and Fitness Apps

By Brian T. Horowitz on 2012-08-02

The Olympics are truly a great motivational event for young and older adults. Physical fitness is encouraged as a social event.

We hope your days are full of feel good summer fun! Those Olympians sure know how to play hard, so as the Olympic Games race full speed ahead, let's capture some of the athletes' positive energy and be inspired to live healthier today. Luckily, over 13,000 compassionate Medical Experts on HealthTap are always there to help you with your health questions, so ask away, and you'll learn ways you can feel better one day at a time. Wishing you all the best for a healthy week!

Here is a great place to begin your quest for “Olympic Gold”’.

Here's what's happening on HealthTap:



WELLNESS SERIES- Let’s Get Grilling !

How do you Match Up  for the Gold ? Your Olympic athlete body match

Imagine the rush of an Olympic sprint, high dive, or pole vault: now that's easier than ever with the BBC's "Your Olympic athlete body match" app. Find out if you are built like a Chinese gymnast, an American swimmer, or a Ukrainian lifter. Dream big and be inspired!

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