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Monday, December 12, 2011

G+ Hangout with Health Train Express



At 6 PM PST/ 9PM EST on Google + Hangout please join us tonight December 12, 2011 for a discussion on health care and reform.

Proposed agenda:

1. Effect of social media on medical  practice and business. Do you use it for;  marketing, communication, patient care.

2. Will Obama care be repealed? totally or partially

3. Will SGR formula be enacted or put on hold again this year?

4. Will you become part of an accountable care organization

5. Bring your own topics.

6. Discuss selection of special invited guest as ‘keynote speaker”  for next week’s hangout to be held on Tuesday December 20 2011 at 6PM PST.

On next Tuesday we will host a special invited guest, +Bruce Garber, whose interests are in video production and the use of Google hangout for medical conferencing and telemedicine.

Link to my stream to join hangout:

Join HealthTrain Express Google+ Hangout December 12, 2011 6 PM Pacific time  9 PM Eastern time.

Accessible with iPhone  iPad  as well as desktop or laptop.

See you then:

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