Monday, December 12, 2011

And The Webcina Winners are:


Webcina announced it’s winners for their contest for social media participants. Although Healthtrain Express failed to make it to the podium I enjoyed participating and ‘spilling my beans”. My reward was to be able to read these fine stories..Stories that should excite all of us in social media.

I read the winning blog posts, and found them all to be far better in appeal and content than my illiterate meanderings.

Here they are:

The Tap Code by Katherine Leon

Transient Global Amnesia and Social Media by Susan McKinnon

Suzanne Ezekiel’s Journey  Her contribution includes her vivid youtube video portraying the effects of her disease. It is one of the most telling and vivid descriptions that leaves the observer breathless and battered.  It probably should receive some type of award in videography and story content.

Take My Body Away

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