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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Health 2.0 in Social Media


Monitoring the social media stream today in #hcsm #medicine #healthreform and find that Facebook will offer a page and/or referral to FBers who are depressed and suicidal. Is this the first step into Health 2.0 and is social media going to bypass formal developments in the Health 2.0 Challenge?

Mobile apps already support API for all the social media platforms, twitter, facebook, and Google +. Twitter is very restrictive as to which APIs can use twitter’s API however health 2.0 would gain them many more users that do not compete with Twitter’s plans.

I predict that Social media will bypass the present vision for formal  health 2.0 apps, and developers should re-think their game plans or be left behind even before it happens.

G+ offers the potential for telehealth with video and it should not be hard for programmers to build a secure encrypted API to comply with HIPAA. It is accessible on smartphones, iPads and many tablet PCs.

I held a G+ hangout on Tuesday night at 6PM. The attendance was zero. A big disappointment but not a surprise at all. Not many MDs and few #hcsm users are on Google + Experience reveals it takes about one month for the stream to capture interested social media participants.

Google + has a predominance of artists, performers, and photographers. Even if you don’t want to hangout in health care…it is a broadening experience and revealing as to how much talent there is besides American Idol and the network cable offerings.

Health Train is the most prominent MD and health related +er on Google.

You can find Health Train’s profile on Google + at the Google ID.  Join and put me in one of your circles.   Hope to see you all there.

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