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Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Ticket Required on Health Train Express

Just like my office walk ins are always accepted. The same here on the Health Train Express….my plan for a subject often changes drastically when I surf the web, check my tweet box, Facebook, and Google +.

Healthcare is not all that unique. I find similar challenges in business  on Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Business is also perplexed just what to do with social media. In healthcare there remains a large part of the workforce that are neophytes with health information technology and  how to use it. Questions arise about return on investment with EMRs, Health Information Exchanges, Outcome studies, and Analytics. The jury will be out for several or more years for many reasons. Statistics have a way of flowing in slowly however with the modernization of systems and new software that will take a set of tables, and charts and transform them into an easily understood graphic understanding sheer numbers may turn into a video-game like presentation.

As in healthcare business is challenged as to what portion of social media to exploit, where, and how much. Like electronic medical records the work force must be trained in social media.

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