Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ICD 10 Craziness


Next time you go to see your MD don’t worry about the seemingly inane questions he / she will ask you. If he doesn’t he will be in violation of a new ICD coding initiative installed by HHS in the next two years.

And for you astronauts you are covered  for spacecraft incidents, except for re-entering the atmosphere without a space-ship.

ICD 10 Search

Turtle Injuries


ICD 10 Codes:  Search

My favorites are:

Bitten by Shark, Bitten by Shark, Second Encounter

Whale encounter cannot be found

Injury or Death from encounter with sting ray….could not be found, nor a code for second encounter…..What would the late “crocodile hunter’ say, may he rest in peace.

Jelly Fish are included, however, only show up if you search for Jelly and do not if you search for Jelly Fish.

Try it yourself, it’s a bit of a game show….probably good for an evening of after dinner socializing.

Wait one, my spouse is calling me to dinner:  She got my attention with an ICD Code:  W274XXA, followed by a W274XXD with a  modifier Y92010.

In trying to escape I further was injured by a: W541XXS at which point, I W134XXA.


I just hope I don’t get: W2111XA.

Did you get all of that? Don’t ask me to repeat it..

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