Thursday, September 15, 2011

Health IT Confusion and Clarification


This is National Health IT week, if you did not know that already. It runs from September 12th-16th. President Obama declared it in an official Proclamation and a Senate Resolution (at least they agree on something).

Official Press Release:

ONCHIT is celebrating by announcing a new website for providers and professionals. It’s a bit more readable for both groups.

Health Information Technology and ONCHIT are becoming synonymous as Federal incentives drive electronic medical record adoption by providers..

Anyone reading a government website knows they do not use smart graphics design.  Even HHS admits this since they have started a new website, more oriented to reader understanding.

The old website is still available.

Two Websites, One Message

ONC’s existing website will remain housed at The HHS site will become more policy and program-focused, and will serve as a primary resource for providers and patients who are interested in learning more about how health IT can help improve their health and health care. The new website provides access for patients as well as providers .


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