Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doctor Only Social Media Sites


doctors only social media sites

Kent Bottles gave a presentation at #med2 describing the  deficiencies in medical social media networks. He described them as too complicated and not easy to use.

SM sites are individuals or small groups.

Typical posts:

Do you use Social Media in your practice:?



“Angry and probably not the kind of doctor you should go see” (Kent Bottles)

On the other hand  90% of Social Media is just showing up. Here is a bit from  

Bryan Vartabedian  33 charts

SM is a great medium for research. Ask questions. Use #tags, Twitter is a great medium for just in time information.

Patient Advocacy:

Harry Boyle

Other Trends in Healthcare:

Electronics and Medical Monitoring:

Trends to Watch

Simulated Environments for Psychotherapy with Avatars:


More Trends to Watch:

Trends to Watch II

What do Leaders Do?

What Leaders do

Shameless Shout out for Kent Bottles, MD

Quantified Self

Some typical professional “Social Medical Networks:

Doctor’s Hangout         MomMD          Doctors Lounge     DocGreet



Facebook, Twitter, and Google + each have their own way of developing lists, groups and circles for groups, however none of them are secured by passwords for healthcare providers. It should also be noted that although the doctor only social networks are not HIPAA compliant….private and confidential patient matters should be de-identified.

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