Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Federal HIT final Strategic Plan Released

Like it or not, the feds have released their ‘edict’ for adopting the digital age for EMR, and HIEs.(Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology).

Anyone reading my blog knows that I am not a luddite,, and I  tend to err on the side of caution.  Like most surgeons my first thoughts are ‘primum non nocere’.  (first do no harm).

For all physicians and leaders this is a must read, It was developed after a 90 day period of public comment, and the document states it is still subject to revision(s).

The document includes the following information:

“Request for More Information on Outreach and Education to Providers and Consumers
In order to achieve the highest participation possible in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, ONC and CMS are working together on a coordinated outreach and education campaign directed at providers and hospitals. Our approach is two-pronged and involves distributing critical information and materials nationally, while focusing on local communities to engage audiences where they live and work.  We’ve already started collaborating with stakeholders and the media to distribute materials and established a strong online presence through social media.

In addition, ONC and the Office for Civil Rights are gearing up to launch a national campaign this month, designed to increase consumers’ awareness about:

  • The transition to health IT;
  • How to access their health information;
  • The benefits of leveraging health IT tools to better manage their health; and
  • Privacy rights to access and protect their health information.

Does this mean HIT is now a ‘civil right’?  Will it be subject to enforcement if a provider does NOT provide an EMR, or is this the way our bloated government deals with publicizing items for public consumption? Perhaps I am over-reacting here…I will have to call Glenn Beck and get his opinion.

BTW Glenn now has his own Internet TV network at  GBTV.com (Unashamed promotional material given without financial compensation (my charitable donation to freedom )

The revised Plan is available

Read the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan [PDF - 1 MB]

Your tax dollars at work….

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