Sunday, September 4, 2011

Google + And Health Train Express



Readers may have noticed my posts here have trailed off a bit. Rest assured I am well and not burned out on blogging. I have been immersed in social media. I have always had a small presence on twitter and Facebook, however I have been seduced and carried away by a  new love…Google +. Google + has a particular feature that I think can and will revolutionize the way physicians can interact in groups of up to ten.


The big ‘G’ has finally  struck it big once again. After many fits of spurts and stops, including investments and acquisitions in many  other smaller enterprises (which seemed to go nowhere) in reality it was all foundational and a learning experience for Google.

The list for the intrepid Google is on this Infographic   

Google learned much from these “failed whales”. In reality the investment paid off big time, not in immediately on their books, however Google plus despite what naysayers opine is going to be big time. They gained knowledge in the areas of streaming video and conferencing.   Users will not abandon Facebook or Twitter because each of those serves other purposes. Although this market niche is dominated by FB and Twitter, there are other players such as Linkedin which play an important role especially for professionals in health and business.


My particular enthusiasm is regarding the role of Google + Hangouts. The potential for physician conferencing for education, consulting, and even patient group education by physicians or assistants is there. It is already to be used, if physicians can be brought to the table. Perhaps as physicians become more comfortable with EMR and HIT they will accept Google + Hangouts more readily. 

Physicians seem to like ancillary HIT, ie, that not involved in the direct physician-patient interaction. Health 2.0, mobile apps, and tablets have gained a strong foothold. The entrance of the tablet PC is making a significant impact in the clinical setting for physicians.

Health Train Express is establishing a weekly “Hangout” on Wednesday of each week.  An agenda will be published here on the blog each week on Monday preceding the video conference.  Each week will be focused on different interests. This coming Wednesday will be organizational and I will need some help in choosing topics ranging from HIE, Health 2.0, Mobile apps, EMR, Incentives, Algorithms in Diagnosis and Treatment, Social Media and many more. 


Hope to see you there on this coming September 7th 2011 at 6PM PDT and 9PM EDT.

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