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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Health Hangout Post-mortem

Part I

The first hangout was shared by only a few of the best ‘hangers’. It was on short notice, however the time of the ‘H’ will better be placed in the evening after hours…Not many working stiffs (docs), not cadavers can take time to ‘hang’ right after lunch. Steve Eisenberg MD (oncology superior) from Poway Ca and I were ‘hanging’ when his nurse interrupted him for a phone call. He never quite made it back.

Be forewarned…hanging may interrupt and alter your office productivity. Also when leaving the room, mute your video and audio.  All the health care techs,, nurses and wannabees will come up to the screen to see who you are.

The next hangout will be in the evening, TBA.

So, if you  are a physician and want to ‘poo-poo’ social media, you do so at your own risk.

Here are some examples of what Social Media means to your patients.

Inventing Breakthroughs Day (800x450) from C3N Project on Vimeo.

Social Media Summit Scholarship Essay

MyIBD app for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis

Social Media Summit Scholarship Essay - Jill Plevinsky

Social Media Summit Scholarship Essay – Corey Daniel King

Social Media Summit Scholarship Essay - Jim Pantelas

C3N - the Collaborative Chronic Care Network from Lybba on Vimeo.

When Patients Band Together


Tendon Surgery Facilitated by Social Media


The Top 10 Ways To Keep Social Media From Driving You Totally Nuts


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