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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hanging out on the Health Train

August 31, 2011   

Google + Hangout today at 1PM PDT, 4PM EDT.

Good Morning. Today I am hosting the first Hangout on Google + for Health Professionals, Physicians, and Health Information Professionals. Date: August 31, 2011: Time: 1PM PDT, 4PM EDT. Place: Google Hangouts. Search for Gary Levin and Click on the Green “Join” tab. Invites will be sent out at 12:30 PM today. The Hangout room will open at 12:50, sign in early since there are only 9 spots in addition to mine. The Agenda will be organizational. the Hangout and topics to be discussed and a forward looking schedule for the next six months.

Some possible topics: EMR Incentives, EMR adoption, ROIs are there any ? Experiences of Early Adopters. Thoughts on Diagnostic and Treatment Algorithms. Use of tablet PCs.


Or look for the  Join This Hangout   tab on my profile page on the right by searching for  Gary Levin in the search box on the main stream page of Google +. Sign in early, check your mic and video. Tags: ,,,,

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