Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fallout

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Health Train Express  has been around since 2005, and in those years I have posted 405 editions. It's been a catharsis, and I have looked forward to writing it. In the process I have made many 'literary giants' as I review the bloglists daily. (what was I doing with my time prior to this?)

Health Reform Expectations:

Most of us may go on practicing medicine as we did prior to the 'health reform' legislation. Truthfully it will change little for physicians, although it may threaten small to medium size practices just because of the bureaucratic overload which is already past implosion and critical mass.

It will however spawn new parasitic administrative functions in government and the private sector of health care.
Extant companies, consultants, legal firms are already marketing their skills to forecast and modify business plans to cope with health reform.

Don't be fooled for a moment that the health reform will be smooth and not subject to major revisions..There will be many roadblocks financially as the attempts are made to enforce the legislation, as well as opposition from providers, insurers, and yes, patients....


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What we have here as an analogy is the 'fertilization of an egg with sperm' As it develops into an embryo we shall see various combinations, permutations,possible mutations and perhaps even an abortion, or worse a mutant born over the process of several years. Whether the mutant will be dysfunctional, or a working member of society is open to question.

 Timeline for Obamacare Rollout

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