Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Butterflys

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Health Care Reform is here, or is it?  Frankly the whole thing is so complex that no one really knows how this is going to work, if it does.  True to form our government is telling us we are going to save so much money by spending more money now. 17,000 IRS workers to keep track of who has purchased insurance, and who has not.  There will be a new check box on your 1040 asking you to swear that you have purchased insurance.  Insurers will undoubtedly issue 'stickers' to place on your 1040 forms.

Welcome to Deemocracy .

On Thursday, the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board voted to set up a committee to examine whether condoms should be required on all pornographic film shoots within the Golden State.

California has run out of money, but it hasn’t yet run out of things to regulate.

That's a great point. Does the government have the power to force you to buy something simply because you are alive? If that is true, what prevents the government from mandating that everyone must also buy a casket, funeral plot or urn for your ashes.

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