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Friday, April 27, 2018

Healthcare is not broken — it is working precisely as designed-Casey Quinlan

What’s All the Palooza – Nick van Terheyden, MD – Medium

After many years of living in the DC Metro area, I finally managed to attend the HealthData Palooza event at the Washington Hilton (famous for amongst other things the Assassination attempt of Ronald Regan) that first took place in 2010 — created in part as a response to the then newly established Website and database
The group sponsored by the AcademyHealth brings together a wide range of companies, people and patients — problem thinkers and solvers big and small to share their voices, insights and above all else passion for solving some of the most intractable health care problems
Pro tip: patients/consumers/PEOPLE can’t navigate current US healthcare system ’cause “system” is sick-care focused wealth transfer play. It ain’t broken, it was built this way. #rightcare #HDPalooza
— Casey Quinlan (@MightyCasey) April 26, 2018

Which begs the question how do we fix it — there is no simple fix to the problems of the complex lumbering system that is an integral part of everyone’s lives. If by some miracle you are in the small minority of people who have not intersected with healthcare…just wait
Focusing on real problems vs creating solutions that are seeking out problems is the better place to start — HIE’s being cited as a good example where the business case does not support the model or the investment. That’s not to say that sharing data is not desirable but rather than the economic model and incentives do not drive the necessary investment in solutions. The health systems do not perceive the value in sharing the patient data to allow patients the ability to select a provider that is not in their network. This is the reality of the Health system working as designed which will fight actively or passively to protect their interests.

The Palooza attempts to summarize the advances in analytics and its effects on health care advances.
For those of you who have made it this far,   please read on...

.What’s All the Palooza – Nick van Terheyden, MD – Medium

What’s All the Palooza – Nick van Terheyden, MD – Medium

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