Thursday, April 6, 2017

Public Health Alert !Stem Cell Therapy Blinds Three Patients at Florida Clinic

Stem Cell Therapy Blinds Three Patients at Florida Clinic

A horrendous story of gross negligence, ignorance, and malfeasance

Intravitreal injection into the eye via the pars plana. This is a common method for treating diabetic hemorrhage. Stem cell injection is not approved for routine use.

Public Health Alert. Be wary of all outpatient stem cell treatments. Genuine clinical trials for any unique treatments are listed in These are studies carefully controlled by credible research MDs and their teams. 

This is a sad story. Stem cell therapy for retinal diseases in . still in it's early stages (such as for Retinitis pigmentosa. The media vastly exaggerates the usefulness of stem cell treatments.

Diagrammatic representation of how stem cells are extracted and reprogrammed.

Route of Administration of Stem Cells into the Eye

Stem cells have enormous potential for treatments.  Analagous to the development of nuclear energy it has the potential for great harm if used ignorantly or unwisely.  Deciphering how stem cells differentiate is analogous to the development of the atomic bomb.  How stem cells differentiate is largely unknown, and research is ongoing.  We are only beginning to understand the genetics and molecular biology of pluripotent stem cell differentiation.



Stem Cell Therapy Blinds Three Patients at Florida Clinic
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