Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fake News in Health Care

Now You See? Former CBS Reporter and Media Professional exposes the mind manipulation used by special interest groups, media, and medical. Share. 

What is the reality ?

Specialty interests disguise their true role. 
Astro-turf-fake grass is in the media.  Astro-turfers seeks to manipulate you. They attack  the truth, disseminate chaos, conflicting studies, multiple experts and yes, WIKIPEDIA.

Wikipedia is not peer reviewed, nor edited. It conflicted with peer reviewed articles 90% of the time.

Drug companies manipulate Google search engines, finance positive studies for drugs, CME lectures are often funded by pharma companies. 

Pharma often 'stimulates' epidemics and new disorders to promote their new drugs.

How do you separate fact from fiction?

1. Use of inflammatory language
2 Claim to debunk myths
3. Beware attacks
4. Astroturfers question those who question authority.

All of this ponts to a lack of integrity

Another Medical Moment from Health Train Express

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