Monday, February 6, 2017

A Guide To Budget Reconciliation: The Byzantine Rules For Disassembling The Health Law | Kaiser Health News

Repeal and/or amend the ACA ?  How it will take two years (2018).  Maybe.

If you thought constructing and passing the ACA was difficult...just you wait !

After capturing the White House, Republicans put repealing the health law at the top of their to-do list. But since they can’t get around a Democratic filibuster in the Senate, they are forced to use an arcane legislative tool called budget reconciliation to disassemble parts of the law. KHN’s Julie Rovnerand Francis Ying explain the process.

But Congress can’t use reconciliation to change parts of the health law like provisions requiring insurance companies to provide certain benefits or sell coverage to people with preexisting conditions. Those don’t directly affect federal spending.
That has led insurance companies to complain that they will go broke if they still have to sell to sick people, but healthy people won’t have any incentive to get covered. In that case, they say, only sick people will buy insurance, and premiums will skyrocket.
And the new Republican Congress seems set on using the technique to take apart the health law. Whether that’s a good idea may depend on whether you favor or oppose the Affordable Care Act.

Once again the tools that the Congress can use are inadequate and obsolete, leading to a further possible stalemate which only serves to hurt all.

Perhaps another reason to 'drain the swamp' . HHS Secretary, Tom Price, will have his hands full. Hopefully his medical judgments will prevail.  He also has the power of "Executive Order' something which President Trump has used already to meet his campaign promises.

But even as Congress spins its wheels. Price can push forward by using his discretion to undo crucial elements of Obamacare. That’s largely thanks to the Obama administration, which granted its health officials authority to write and implement hundreds of rules tied the law. The Trump administration now plans to use that same license to undo as much of Obamacare as it can.
“The statute itself gave [HHS] a lot of discretion,” said Edmund Haislmaier, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, who worked on health policy for the Trump transition team. “Live by the administrative state, die by the administrative state.”

A Guide To Budget Reconciliation: The Byzantine Rules For Disassembling The Health Law | Kaiser Health News
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