Friday, March 20, 2015

Congress Considering Repealing the Sustainable Growth Rate

This is not a test. Repeat: This is not a test.
Serious movement is underway in Congress to permanently repeal the sustainable growth rate (SGR) before the March 31 deadline; repeal legislation, H.R. 1470/S. 810 is expected on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives next week.
With so few legislative days left before the deadline, Congress is going to have to thread the needle to get this done - and that can only be accomplished if they know their constituents demand action and not the status quo.
There are groups on the other side of the issue who don't want to see this get done, and as you read this they're mobilizing their grassroots networks to defeat it.
That's why we need you now, more than ever, to keep the pressure on Congress to make sure SGR reformfinally gets across the finish line by contacting your legislators through every means available and asking them to vote yes on H.R. 1470/S. 810.
  1. Call your U.S. representative and senators using the AMA's toll-free Physicians Grassroots Hotline: (800) 833-6354.
  2. Send an urgent email to your lawmakers reinforcing the need for SGR repeal now - Click Here!
  3. Contact key legislators still undecided on this most critical issue directly through their own social media channels and share with your own Facebook friends and Twitter followers as well - Click Here!
This is urgent. There is still time for Congress to pass meaningful SGR reform before the deadline, but it has to act now!
P.S. The AMA is promoting a National Physicians Call-In Day on Tuesday, March 24. Please help spread the word to your colleagues - we want as many physicians as possible to be flooding the phone lines of their U.S. representatives to make the case for SGR repeal now! Make sure you call on Tuesday: (800) 833-6354.

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