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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The End is in sight (Open Enrollment..that is

In several weeks (March 31 2014) the  open enrollment for  Obamacare will end for year 2014.   Many will pontificate on how successful or the opposite the affordable care act will be based on the initial numbers of who has enrolled.

Many in health care already know that IT never solves a problem by itself. IT is there to assist or enhance operational efficiency. HBE was only necessary because HHS, CMS and Obama wanted a rush job to fuel the startup of the affordable care act.   By itself the website, and did little to create an affordable care system. The ACA still has critical and possibly fatal flaws waiting to happen in the next several years.

Despite serious and growing concern about the present state of the ACA all segments of the industry have already planned to transitiion to a new system. Although the Republicans have offered alternatives to the fractious components of the ACA any legal  changes will not come until the mid-term elections, and even then it will require moral and political will to make a substantial change.

President Obama has already made many changes in regard to mandates, and waivers using executive privilege.  After the next Presidential election if the congress and/or presidency changes hands, the new President may use the same mechanism to amend, rather than  repeal Obamacare.

To be certain the current resident of the White House will use executive privilege and other administrative methods to modify ‘blocks’ to implementing the  Affordable Care Act using waivers, exemptions, delaying implementation dates, and whatever means are necessary to eliminate opposition to Obamacare.

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