Monday, September 9, 2013

Solar Flare and Health Care

Catchy title ? I always wanted to be a poet (not what you think, click to see)  and it is obvious my poetry is at the second grade level (that’s pushing it a bit).

I awoke this AM, as usual, much to my surprise. Believing the apocalyptic prediction about last night’s stream of cosmic energy I donned my radiation suit and wore my dosimeter to bed.

During the night I had bad dreams about the electromagnetic storm and what it would do to your EMR, the Nation’s non-existent HIEs, my  own PC and hard drive as well as the electrical grid. And that says nothing about the billons of chips, ROMs, RAMs and the ability to fly drones over my home.  I pictures 747s, F 35s falling out of the sky, cruise ships floating (hopefully) dead in the water, the complete shut down of the government, and the cell phone network down.


Like many ‘facts’ that are passed along on ‘open source’ transparent communication on the internet where is the evidence for this statement that an EMF will destroy your ‘chips’, and erase data.
This says nothing about the negative effects on social media for health care, and advertising.
My messenger is still streaming, Google + is still there. I don’t know about Facebook or twitter, I only use them to feed my main squeeze G+ and hangouts.

I awoke this morning hoping to not be able to post this blog. A day off due to a solar storm does not seem that outrageous, and I would lose no income from a day off. I write this blog out of love, not that I couldn’t use the money during retirement.

Is there a CPT code for social media ? Will it be part of meaningful use? Are your outcomes improved by using social media.  How can we measure it.  Let’s form a committee to measure it.  I am applying for a ten million dollar grant from HHS to create a ‘pilot project’.  That is probably a better idea than most of the ‘pilot demonstration projects’ from HHS and CMS. 

Hmmm, maybe I should ask for $100 million USD so it will show up as a line item in the budget.  Ten million is chump change in the discretionary budget (for drones, seal team expeditions, and Obama’s campaign.
This Sept. 2011 photo provided by Vanguard Defense Industries, shows a ShadowHawk drone with Montgomery County, Texas, SWAT team members. Civilian cousins of the unmanned military aircraft that have been tracking and killing terrorists in the Middle East and Asia are being sought by police departments, border patrols, power companies, news organizations and others who want a bird’s-eye view. (AP Photo/Lance Bertolino, Vanguard Defense Industries)
Monetize my blog?  Probably better chance of being hit by a meteor
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