Monday, September 9, 2013


Health Care BS

I wrote this piece three years ago, and it is time to expose it to the light of day again. Most of it still rings true.

Cleaning the Augean Stables of the Health Care Debate

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David Catron

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Twenty years on the front lines of health care finance, doing battle with the forces of darkness (i.e. CMS and the managed care companies).
Imaginable analysis of the current B.S.  we are all subject to on a daily basis.
A  worthwhile blog to add to my blog links.
Reenbean posted a very good summary of what is wrong with our patients. on SERMO.   The Patient Owns The Disease, in the  Emergency Medicine Categoy.
You will have to log in or join.  It is free and worthwhile.
Richard Reece of Medinnovation
today comments,
“The Affordable Care Act will start to roll out between 2010-2014. Given the volatile political scene, no one knows what this portends for physicians and patients. The only certainty in the new term is higher costs for all. But the uncertainty doesn’t dissuade a quasi-futurist like me.Whatever happens, the practice landscape will never be quite the same again.
For a piece of writing to be effective, you should choose a a suitable design and hold to it. For today, my design is 11 mindsets outlined in John Naisbitt’s book Mind Set!

Accountable Care Organization:  Ready, set, go…..

Accountable Care ???

1. While many things change, most things remain constant - I do not expect things to change radically or rapidly for physicians. Medicare and Medicaid will continue to be the big payer. Medicare will still pay 20% less and Medicaid 40% less than private payers. More doctors will stop accepting new Medicare patient/ Government will not come to grips with the Sustainable……..
For the remaining commentary, go here..
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