Monday, September 9, 2013

Don't talk to a Navigator !! Use your Insurance Agent that you Know or Trust

When Obamacare 'Navigators' Ask If You're Qualified, You Should Ask Them About Identity Theft

I agree with Grace-Marie-Turner's op-ed in Forbes Magazine today.

"Starting October 1, armies of “Navigators” will begin asking Americans very personal questions to learn if they qualify for taxpayer-subsidized insurance under ObamaCare.
Thirteen attorneys general have expressed deep concerns about what the Navigators are going to do with the information. They are rightly worried about identity theft and fraud as consumers reveal Social Security numbers, addresses, employer information, income, home addresses, children’s names, health habits, and much more."

The Navigator program has serious systemic flaws, including HIPAA which requires significant training alone.

Congress through it's usual way of contracting via non profit groups has granted 104 organizations the $67 million in grants.

While in some areas there may be a paucity of qualified insurance agents, and Navigators may fill the void we  have internet and 800 telephone numbers which will accomplish the same goals.

Congress is now asking the relevant questions obviously ignored in the unread Affordable Care Act.

"For example, the committee asks the organizations receiving the grants to provide a written description of:
  • the work that will be performed with the funds obtained via your Navigator grant including a detailed description of how this funding will be utilized
  • the training or education employees, volunteers, or representatives must complete
  • the processes and procedures in place to monitor, review, or otherwise supervise your employees, volunteers, or representatives
  • how your organization will utilize the information obtained during performance of your Navigator grant"

Remember you can get the information and call back later when you questions are answered satisfactorily

Don't be a lemming


  • The suicidal lemming
    • Lemmings tend to migrate in large numbers, which can include jumping off cliffs into the water and swimming great distances to the point of exhaustion and even death. However in these cases it's pure accidental and not intentionally trying to kill itself. Lemmings don't even deliberately throw themselves off cliffs. This stereotype was influenced by a Disney documentary, White Wilderness (1958) where the animals were chased off a cliff by the documentary makers, purely for some sensational images.

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