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Thursday, November 29, 2012

TEDMED Greatest Health Challenges


Social media for medicine is having a far greater effect than even many pundits predicted.

If you have an idea, post it to your network, and I find using all of them exponentially increases your influence…right or wrong. That requires credibility and reliable sources of information as well as a thick skin. I find there are always smarter (than I am) readers out there willing and able to challenge you. It also requires the proper attribution for the original source. I like to put it in quotes, and then I add my humble by proceeding it with [authors comments].  So far, no letters from attorneys and no inquiries from the Department of Homeland Security.

TEDMED is now producing Google Hangouts every Thursday morning at 11:00 AM on the Greatest Health Challenges.

Thus far there have been two events which I have embedded here:

The Role of The Patient

The Care Giver Crisis

As these proceed I hope to include these in my blog on Thursday.

You will find these videos on the YouTube Channel for Catherine Andrews When you subscribe to her channel, you will receive an email to remind you of each broadcast.


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