Sunday, September 30, 2012

Health Information Technology Video Film Festival



Health Train Express is designed to bring health care providers out of their own silos.

The health care industry is already involved in data exchange and interoperability. The next step in order to move forward is  to dissolve distance and barriers between information, science, medical science and social media.  Social media allows all to dip their toes into areas physicians have previously ignored either intentionally, time constraints, or accidental negligence.

It is equivalent to the ‘cocktail party’ of social circles….many of which have led to great discoveries and collaborations.

2012 and the Developer Challenge has thus far brought major innovative mobile health applications to the world stage. Winners will harvest not only a moderate of cash prizes, but attract the world stage of kick starter funds and venture capital. The cast of new possible star will create enthusiasm to industry critical analysis. This is occurring as electronic health records are adopted by hospitals and physicians alike.


Health2con is occurring in San Francisco next week and is anticipated to bring more new players to mHealth. Physicians and hospital managers as well as health information technology producers are observing the potential connect with other industries and adoption of not only information technology  robotic, analytic and even gaming applications in design of  healthcare and scientific problem solving.

Medicine X at Stanford University took place September 28th - 30th


Rhiju Das, PhD in his video found below  outlines the use of online gaming in analyzing and producing proteins and uses RNA as a model.  Players log in online to participate in analyzing structure of RNA, not only it’s nucleotide base,



Stanford Medicine X  Rock Health


Sonny Vu on Wearables: A Coming Revolution?

Dr. Larry Chu gives opening remarks at Stanford Medicine X

David Van Sickle on Asthmapolis

Rhiju Das, PhD on RNA Design Rules from a Massively Multiplayer Cloud Laboratory



Design Prototypes Emergency Situation on a Large Display. Adding Order to Chaos

Esther Dyson  A view from Space.

A well known creative and visionary Innovator, and Venture Capitalist (over 20 investments in HIT.  Artificial Intelligence is often invisible, embedded in things like ‘Siri’. Several markets for IT, Consumers, Employers especially HR People (human resources who want people to be healthy), and market for good health. Health Providers individually and in concert with Employers to optimize health, wellness, and good data from applications like Healthtap, Fitbit, Social Media is a large catalyst for adoption of mobile health applications.

Design Conundrums

Michael Graves, Architect & Patient distinguished for many architectural awards and a diversity of design fields. You can follow him on social media.

Our Present reimbursement system is a problem and hinders data collection.

Safecast, a data collection web site

How much data, where is it coming from, and is it accurate ?


All videos were taken from Livestream in real time.  Our thanks to them.


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