Sunday, July 8, 2012

Young Guns in Medicine


Are you one of these “Young Guns” ?

I am watching a Facebook Live Video meeting with Paul Ryan, Eric Kantor and, Kevin McCarthy designated as ‘The Young Guns” of the U.S. Congress. They are, as quoted by Facebook as politically and technologically savvy.

Surely we must have “Young Guns in Healthcare”.


Who are ‘they"?’  Can we define young guns in all areas of healthcare? Are they defined by specialty, mode of practice, such as group practice, proponents of health reform, public health policy, or health reform?  Can they be found in blogs, or social media?

Young guns seem to define their role as ‘initiators of change’.

Are our ‘Young Guns” the initiators of health reform, health information technology, innovative  uses of mobile health, remote monitoring, telehealth.  Would it be the top 10 MDs  Twitter, Google +, or Facebook?  Are they in Government, or Clinical Medicine?

Are Young Guns selected from their reputations in the private sector, then selected for positions at HHS, NIH, FDA or other Health Related sites.  Are they the creators and innovators of our health system.  Who designates the “Young Guns”?

Senator Paul Ryan correctly identifies the impact of social media to allow instantaneous connections which may be global on topics of interest. Government-government: Business to business: Business to consumer: people to people:

Social Media is a two way medium, it allows a direct two way connection with government.

Government should learn from social media as an efficient and almost instantaneous method for change. Are committees out?

Social media allow you and me to converse and render our  research, comments and opinion to potentially millions of social media users, blog readers, government officials.


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