Sunday, July 8, 2012

Social Media Nihilist…are you one of them?


The term Nihilist encompasses a broad array of issues. I am not one to write dispassionately about the impact and/or importance of social media in healthcare.

Others do not agree. In the interest of fairness many MDs are downright negative about social media.

Some would call it a waste of time and perhaps even dangerous.   HappyMD sees it as adding another theme hastening  “burnout” for MDs who use or anticipate using social media in medicine.

I personally disagree with him, although if you see social media as just another burden, or  more bureaucracy, don’t do it….it’s meant to be fun!  Some practices ‘outsource’ their blogging and/or social media. It’s not expensive and can be done with free lance writers available at, and you will find them on Facebook, Twitter or G+.

Dike Drummond MD is an  expert on counseling physicians on burnout, he provides a needed and urgent service to you. MDs are not immune to drug dependency, alcoholism, depression, acting out behavior, nor the  ever mounting aspects of frustrations with daily life, at home, at the hospital and in the office.  In today’s disruptive health reform, many are not the masters of their own office or space, a once prominent feature of solo or small group practice where you have the ultimate control of your destiny, finances, and choices. Many occupational psychology surveys reveal how these changes have led to more dissatisfaction at work.

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