Monday, June 25, 2012

Either Way the Patient Will Lose in This Round


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Gary DSC_1168  Gary M. Levin MD


Let me state unequivocally that we need to reform our health system, but not in the manner being attempted by our present Congress, nor President Obama.

The Health Reform Law was passed almost two years ago and spontaneously ignited a ‘food fight’ of incredible proportions, with over reaction from each side, Republicans being accused of ‘Darwinian theology’’ for their health reforms, while Democrats are accused of being flaming socialists wealth redistributionists and even communists.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said we would not know what was in the bill until after it passed.  That was and is a profound oxymoron and understatement.  No one really knows what it will cost, if it can be funded in the short or long haul, much of the administration is still not in place and there remains much to be accomplished.

Pandora’s box has been opened and no one really likes the details. Democrats surely must regret passing a nonpartisan act. Republicans are so incensed at being ‘bullied’ into submission that they are not likely to approve most Democratic proposals for anything. 

Perhaps our political system has gone off the rails, defying rational thought in favor of lobbyists.

The act  was passed with little review by grass root healthcare providers in the trenches.  Yes, the American Medical Association (representing only about 160,000 out of close to 800,000 doctors and hundreds of thousands of other providers, hospitals, durable medical device manufacturing companies) endorsed the Act. The AMAs endorsement did not include me. The only groups that seemed to have the attention of the congress were insurance companies and pharma.

I would say that this Law is not the best or even near the best approach to health reform.  That is a very sad thing that so much time has been wasted in our effort.


During a financial crisis when debt is escalating out of control, isn’t it best to reign in spending, stop borrowing money to fight wars or other programs. Let’s take a breather and put  PAPCA on hold….makes more sense that to have e SCOTUS make a critical decision based on the constitution to overcome our intransigence.

The law was badly conceived and written and passed, without concern for the implementation. It was passed as a political expediency by Democrats, without Republican support.

Haste makes waste !

Can a health system be designed by Congress? Or for that matter, Health and Human Services?

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