Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Doctor’s Tablet A Blogger’s Anniversary


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I start each day reviewing blogs and the social media stream(s).  It offers up a wide variety of topics on “what’s hot”. Admittedly most of it is in the health care field and now overlaps with 'social media’. I am beginning to not like that term, for the time being. Although diminishing in ‘bad press’  “social media” harbors some lingering stereotypical attitudes, unless one know how to use it and avoid the ‘bottom dwellers’ who are there. 

Our presence in social media should elevate it’s content, and health care providers will not be lessened if we take on a leadership role.

Doctor's Table

Today I want to congratulate and encourage “The Doctor’s Tablet” which is approaching it’s  six month anniversary of blogging.  Directly from their “about page” here is what they say about themselves. 

“This dynamic blog, written primarily by Einstein faculty, reviews the latest in medical research and development while bringing you a unique glimpse into how doctors use their knowledge, skills, experience and intuition to make diagnoses, treat patients and strive to provide compassionate care.

Each week, College of Medicine faculty share observations and insights from the front lines of medicine and translational research. The thoughts and words are their own. The Doctor’s Tablet  editors, Paul Moniz, managing director of communications and marketing, and David Flores, social media manager, provide editorial guidance.”

As most experienced bloggers will advise, “Content is king”.  I have found networking with other credible bloggers is important. Linking with twitter, facebook and Google Plus serve to attract readers.

The Doctor’s Tablet has  a unique strength in it’s expert sources from many New York Hospital Institutions, and their physicians.

Our best wishes for continuing success for The Doctor’s Tablet and welcome to the ‘blogosphere’.


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