Monday, May 14, 2012

Impact of California’s Recession on Health Care


It would be inappropriate to ignore the effect of further cuts in California’s budget upon health in California. He proposed cuts to hospital and nursing home funding to lower MediCal costs; a 7 percent cut in In-Home Supportive Services;

"Amazingly, a year and a half into Brown's governorship and we still hear nothing of the unemployed," Del Beccaro said. "California will continue to face chronic budget deficits because so many people remain out of work.  Of course unemployed people do not have health insurance, and even if eligible many cannot afford COBRA coverage, either. 

Unemployment also has secondary direct and indirect consequences upon health. Reduced income affects nutrition. It becomes critical that low income people are educated about nutrition and the federal SNAP (formerly called “ Food Stamps “).

Physicians do not operate in a vacuum and it is important for them to inquire about employment.

A great percentage of the population in the U.S. is obese and paradoxically malnourished.

Gov. Jerry Brown's May Revise of California Budget 2012-12


While reductions to public services (IHHS) are significant the overall effects on Medi-Cal could be far worse.

Unemployment continues to be a major contributing cause to reduced state income and an ever upward spiral of deficits.  Has it reached a point of no return? Would you bring a business to California

Knowing what you now know, would you open a medical practice in California? Are you considering leaving California, or just leaving medicine.?

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