Monday, May 14, 2012

HealthTrain is getting an Overhaul


At times there is so much information we go off the track. I am optimistic the new blog design will allow readers to move around to different posts, without following a timelines.

It’s easy to believe I have been at this blog for almost ten years, beginning in 2004. The world of blogging has evolved into social media. I do not believe blogging is dead by a long shot. It facilitates writing about topics of interest and in many cases serves as a ready made web site.

The most commonly used blog platforms seem to be WordPress and Blogger. Wordpress has the advantage of sophistication and adaptability, Blogger fits into Google’s scheme of things and is easy to use and integrate with gmail, greader, gsearch google plus and gwhizz (the last one is of my making)

Beginning with my next several posts there will be some major changes. The goal is to emphasize content. The plan is to reduce clutter and utterly irrelevant links on my pages.  As it turns out no one uses those links anymore.

Several years ago the links to other pages, and places were more important, backlinks were almost essential and readers came from other bloggers who linked to your blog in return for reciprocity. That is not the case today.

Even RSS feeds are a thing of the past, unless you are wedded to readers.

For my purposes twitter, facebook and Google plus offer much.

The new Blogger Dynamic views will allow readers to skip around and not be confined to a timeline.

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