Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is 2012 The New Era for Health Train Express?

Better Health (TM): smart health commentary

Val Jones MD, perhaps the empress of health social media, and Better Health has announced her discontinuation of posting blogs on Better Health LLC. She however indicated the continuation of the brand as a platform for Grand Rounds and for her use of it as her personal consulting platform.

Dr Jones, along with others, has been a visionary and developed considerable credibility with early backing from Revolution Health and Steve Case’s interest in health reform.  Her success required considerable investment of time, resources and the generous support of many silent investors, physicians, nurses and medical journalists.   She innovated aggregation of gifted medical writers into a visible public platform for medical news.

There were and are a central core of respected experts contributing to Better Health and these contributors will continue to create content in their own spaces.

Thank you to Val Jones M.D. for her effort and success in opening a new vista in communication for patients and providers. I will miss her cartoons.

The range of contributors to Better Health include:

David Harlow, Dr Wes, Dr. Mike Sevilla, Kevin Pho MD,Lucy Hornstein M.D.,Nicholas Genes M.D.,Steve Novella M.D.,, Tony Brayer M.D., Jeffrey Benabio M..D.,

Better Health was and is more than a blog. It matured into a digital form of a medical journal, branding itself as an online media company. It has served it’s purpose and will continue in the digital health space, not to be left behind.

Many new entities are evolving, such as Social Media Today, Health Works Collective, and many others as the niche matures.these follow the early leadership of iHealthBeat, and California Healthline.

Social media in medicine is evolving quickly and in order to continue our success we must all evolve as it morphs into new delivery methods.

I am sure we will hear much more from Val Jones MD

Thanks Val.

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