Sunday, January 29, 2012

Health Train #

No, the # sign is not an unprintable explicative. Any tweep recognizes # as the hashtag for identifying interest group. The one we use most often in health social media is #hcsm (health care social media). If you search using the # it will identify and stream that interest.  If you are sending a tweet using that # it will appear in those tweeps who are searching for #hcsm. It is a bit like the Search of twitter like Google Search.

The Foxe group provides the definitive wiki for #hcsm. T. Lee has developed a glossary of hashtags for specialties, conferences,diseases and more. The Fox Group had the prescience to develop a division strictly devoted to social media in all of it’s iterations.

We are still working out some ‘bugs’ in the new template(s)  Our blogroll and other items of interest do not appear in the templates other than in the ‘classic’ view. Our webmaster (me) is working feverishly on this with Larry Paige’s staff.

Despite Google hibernating Google Health there is still a strong interest in the Health Space. Health Train is encouraging this interest. Google has the power, market influence and capital to do some great innovative things in supporting healthcare, such as chrome books and the android operating system which is ‘open source’.  Many great innovations (like health and medical science advances) are developed by young developers, many of whom do not work directly for Google.  It is amazing how much of it is from high school students who are not employed by anyone and who either donate their ideas or are paid on a contract basis.

I encourage you all to search Google for their product development division to open a dialogue with your ideas.

For now, Health Train Express is leaving the station, bound for our next stop.

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