Sunday, January 29, 2012

Health 2.0 India

Health 2.0 India Conference #health2india
This meeting should be extraordinary given that so much software development originates in Asia.
I invite the attendees to tweet using the  hashtag given by Matt Holt  #health2india.
I am providing information about Google Plus Hangouts. The invitation will be in my Google + stream   +Gary Levin  Instructions for joining and using Google + and hangouts are readily available via Google + and searching. I will also send invites to anyone who wants to receive a direct link, Just send me your email.
Here’s the link to look at G+ and see if you want to prepare early.
Join Google +
The Hangout will open in 6 hours (Sunday) (6 PM PST)  Monday 7AM (Delhi) It will be operational from 7AM to 7PM Delhi time.
Other participants can open their own hangout, however hangouts cannot be initiated on smartphones or tablets unless you are on Wi-Fi.
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