Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cleaning Health Train Express



At the end of the year it’s time to clean house. Yes, it is  a bit early for Spring Cleaning, but Health Train has been advised of  climate change and perhaps increased ambient temperatures, and perhaps an early spring so here goes. Costco is already stocking up for spring and spring break, and the Easter flowers, bunnies and water toys are displayed.

Health Train reviewed the blog friend list and found only three blogs that have been dormant for more than six months.  Frankly I was surprise to see the longevity of health blogs. 

Observation #1

There appears to be two classes of health blogs:

1. Those dedicated to  patient information, case studies, educational information and anecdotal stories. Some are very sad, some are inspiring, and some despair at the follow of some humans who are resistant to being helped in their suffering.

2. Those dedicated to political issues, rants, raves, frustration at the realities of medical practice today. A great deal is published by ‘medical experts’ without clinical experience but ‘grounded’ with MBAs, MPHs, and those on ‘committees, or national foundations.  Some of these ‘experts’ have considerable power and authority to make decisions that effect our patients.

3.Blogs related to health information technology and the ‘build out’ of the medical digital world.

In addition to blogs, there are other more structured forums:

Medpedia, which aggregate a large number of health blogs.

SERMO, a physician only blog limited to licenses MDs. This blog has specialty sections, and sections devoted to political commentary, practice management. The site is supported by Pharma and mined for physician comment about treatments. No patient information is disclosed.

Large media publication blogs (columns, such as WSJ, NY Times, LA Times and newspapers from cities around the United States.

Community Groups dedicate to specific disease entities

The Health Well,  an aggregation of many health blogs, and journal references

Futurists weight in with prognostication seeing into the future with what seems to be unwarranted certainty at the outcome of health reform.


Here’s Johnny. You make up the answer and question.  The best answer about health reform, (post in comments) will receive an iPad. The deadline for entering is January 31, 2010

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