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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Simple Solution


If there is a simple solution to a problem, and  you want to sandbag it, give it to a committee to make the decision, (or the government)

Admittedly HIT and EMR appears to be complex, but the situation may be simplified greatly, and in the end much more cost effective, efficient and would provide a uniform system that would function across multiple enterprises, and clinics.

What brought this to my attention was the surprise delivery of the new Google Chrome Notebook

I had signed up about a week ago for their pilot program (and forgot about it)   Yesterday UPS overnight delivered a strange flat box to me with the big  Google  stamped on the box.

It was my early Chanukah present !   Like a child I ripped it open, and as usual did not bother to read the instructions or even plug it in.  There was enough battery life to boot it up (just by opening the lid). 

The Google CR-48 Notebook

About 20 seconds later I was surfing the web, using Google’s Chrome Browser.


Built into it is 3G Verizon cell coverage, and Wi-Fi..  I closed the lid and it shut down.


It is a very simple web browser that uses the internet to access all that is in the world. No hard drive, only a minimal flash drive.

So where am I going with this?

I believe one of the main functi0nalities of EMR should be it’s uniform interaction with physicians, portability, and a one time learning curve to use the EMR. Physicians would love one program to use at their office, ASC, and/or multiple hospitals.

Without entering the depths of EMR software, this little very thin client would serve that end  well.  It is an early design and could be duplicated by many other hardware manufacturers well.

Cool, huh ?

Now I know there will be  hundreds and perhaps thousand of ‘experts who will offer why it cannot be done… And I will offer the fact  when there is a will there is  a way.  Especially if you know where you are going and have a do-able end point.  This is unlike where we are and with a vague, expensive  complex goal.


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