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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Cookie Monster or Who Ate My Cookie ?


Kermit and the rest of the Sesame Street not withstanding, there is a great danger in talking about cookies. So  Steven Duckett discovered when he was summarily dispatched from the cookie jar of Alberta’s Health System.  He was caught with his hand in the ‘ proverbial cookie jar, and on camera.  When discovered,  he had the audacity to exclaim “ I am eating my cookie, you will have to wait.” Politely he offered the remains of one cookie to an eager news lady as she chased him through the lobby.  Numerous passerby's were noted to ignore the incident and offered no assistance to Duckett. Neither Duckett or his attorney are returning telephone calls.

The incident has been documented on several videos that have been ‘leaked’ to you tube which have become viral.   Canada’s Department of Health is investigating the incident.  Although Duckett posted bail his passport has been revoked, and he is required to wear an ankle bracelet, as well as being forbidden from entering the U.S. for health care. The Canadian Minister of Finance is reviewing Duckett’s  financial records to determine if public funds were diverted into cookie dough.

The Cookie Caper

Several media companies have capitalized on his mis-fortune cookie.


Caught on Sesame Street

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