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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Next Generation of Doctors



The Next Generation of Doctors, is a topic which is timely for all of us who are past the age of 55, or so.  Whether we like it or not, we are on the 'way out'. Given the average age of 28-30 when we completed our training (if we did not stop along the way to breathe, or entered medicine as a second career, our days are numbered.

Like it or not I noticed when I reached age 55 I was definitely not the human being I was at age 25,35,or 45 years of age.  Despite the best of my intentions the last ten years and especially the last five  years gave me a clue that things had changed.


The development of information technology and EMR as one example sharply punctuates generations of  physicians. B.EMR, and A.EMR (before & after) clarifies the pre-internet and post internet era for me.

There would be no Health 2.0 were it not for the information highway and html. 

Looking at the introductory video from Health 2.0 conference in D.C. in June it will be obvious except to the dedicated luddite that 'we ' are on the way out....As an active practicing clinician I want to  help  prepare the next generation to do a much better job than we have done.  They are learning what has been done wrong.

The practice environment has changed drastically with dramatic increases in the elderly, and new expensive diagnostic and therapeutic choices.  We cannot use the old paradigm and business methods if we expect the system (and us) to survive.

In my next blogpost I will bring you another video from Health 1.0, It is named  Doctor 2.0

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