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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doctor 2.0

The recent Health 2.0 conference in June of 2010 had a diverse collection of participants.

The comments from these younger physicians emphasizes the true basic nature  of medicine, and the common thread of passion and enthusiasm of these internet ennervated physicians to use these tools to practice medicine.

Doctor 2.0 is a video dialogue with several physicians and how they have transitioned their practice(s) into the modern era.

Dr Jay  Parkinson

Dr. Enoch Choi

are well known enthusiasts for blending their medical expertise, caring manner with the tools of the time.

We need to look at adopting these ideas in all our practices, be leaders to move forward, and stop looking at all the negatives. My favorite saying has been "build it and they will come" (Field of Dreams).  

I like to say use it, and it will happen.  If we wait for our 'government ' to write rules and regulate, nothing will ever happen, and when it does it will self destruct.

Health 2.0 OnScreen  offered many interesting comments from physicians and non physicians.

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