Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Train Slows Down

Things are a bit slow this morning. A welcome respite. I spoke to wifey, who is still on the "left coast' tending to our adult children, who seem a bit reticent to step off into the world we are leaving them. I thought I would be retired by now, or at least tending to an alternate career, reading, writing, sitting on the park bench playing chess....or on the beach....not so. At times I thought I had my whole life well planned and structured, fool me!!!.
This post is going to be mostly a long ramble...that's what happens when I have a few unstructured moments. For five years or more I have blogged on a variety of subjects, ranging from health information exchanges, EMRs, health reform, generalized sarcasm and humor as well as commentary on my fellow bloggers meanderings.
I often wonder how some of these "overworked" and underpaid younger brethren' have time to write so many blogs. (Do they have 'ghost bloggers' ??).
Some of my favorite medical social media sites are KevinMD,DrWes,Medinnovationblog,The Health Care Blog, WSJ Health Blog, Cutting Through the Crap (written by the former publisher of Surgeon's Blog), Buckeye Surgeon, DistractibleMD, and more.
My guiding light platform is

Like my blog ramble today, things turn on a dime. Just found out I will be 'retiring' on April 2, 2010....that will give me a lot more time to blog. Happy Hospitalist, watch too DistractibleMD.

Hal Scherz will be happy that I have more time to dedicate to Doctors 4 Patient Care.

Perhaps I can find a position in government (I hear they are hiring with all the stimulus money)...

Anyone need an ophthalmologist? ....will work for food !! Pity
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