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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's In A Name


Let's think of some titles that will be more acceptable to the approximate 50% of voters who do not want a public option.

1. Alternative integrated universal choice for Health.

2..National Public Health, Inc. (NPH)

3.  United Stated Federal Health Reserve USFR)

4. Federal Health Insurance Bank (FHIB)

5. U.S. Health Stimulus Choice (also known as USHC certified)

6. Federal United Care Combine (also known as FUCC) (sounds like Fuc@)

Or let's allow patients to 'Opt-out of the Public Option. This would be done on a state wide basis rather than as individuals. Depending on which state you live in.  This great idea comes from those two Senators Reid and Pelosi who must smoke something for breakfast that is grown in the fields of either Afghanistan or Northern California.

Plans #1 through #4  could be funded by donations from patients who "care" for only pennies a day.

For those who want the public option....I hope you will like what you won't be pretty.  If you think you can't find swine flu now, when you need it, then consider that this is typical of any government program.  The idea that the federal government is going to contract with private insurers copies what it does in most other areas of defense, manufacturing of medications such as vaccines (CDC), NASA, and others).  They cannot do the job themselves, and contract it out to others who are either not supervised or unable to perform.

Our government easily promises what it cannot or will not deliver. The war on cancer, the war on drugs.

Yes, a a physician I know it is a disgusting fact that there are many uninsured needy patients who don't get health care. I also know that programs such as medicaid will pay for a surgery, but not the necessary post op physical therapy....why? Because the states are fearful that everyone on Medi-caid will run down and sign up for chiro-massage or manipulation. That philosophy runs rampant in most state and/or federal programs.

Government programs are always trying to make a brick float.


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